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Inside The Orange

Our proud Otto alumni.

Part of what makes Otto such a beloved symbol of Syracuse University athletics is the energy of the students who make him come to life. In any one year, up to six students are selected for the honor of entertaining SU fans. Over the years, many have donned the orange—including one student whose last name really is Otto!

  1. Class of ’91

    Kevin M. O’Neill

  2. Class of ’92

    Mitchell C. Messinger

  3. Class of ’02

    Michael Lozito

  4. Class of ’04

    Kingsley B. Burke

    Christopher A. Sawyer

    Douglas C. Serton

  5. Class of ’05

    Eric J. Fontes

    Elie T. Rabinowitz

  6. Class of ’06

    Laura Brientnall Holland

    Kenneth D. Haag

  7. Class of ’07

    Julie L. Huynh

  8. Class of ’08

    Nicholas Huertas

    Nicholas F. Natario

  9. Class of ’09

    Shannon Feeney Andre

    Ian R. Solomon

  10. Class of ’10

    Zachary M. Otto

  11. Class of ’11

    Teresa Soldner

    Nicole M. Wooley

  12. Class of ’12

    Robert D. Littlepage

    Shana L. Segbers

    Hannah K. Warren

  13. Class of ’13

    Alaina L. Mallette

    Grant J. Melinek

  14. Class of ’14

    Aaron M. Frank

    Monica Mo