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Otto Through The Years

The many faces of our famous mascot.

Otto is still an orange ball, but that’s where the similarities end. Like all of us, he had his awkward teenage years and some questionable wardrobe choices. Follow the milestones in Otto’s development.

  1. 1980

    The first Otto. But at that point, his name was “Clyde”—the name chosen by the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha, who for over 40 years had portrayed SU’s mascot.

  2. 1985

    Clyde gets a slight makeover. Did he have collagen injections? And what’s with those eyebrows?

  3. 1987

    Still trying to get that happy little grin right.

  4. 1988

    A whole new costume and a new name—Woody the Orange. Unfortunately, Woody didn’t travel well, and he lasted only two years.

  5. 1990

    When this costume was being produced, SU cheerleaders narrowed the name down to two—Opie or Otto. Figuring “Opie” would lead to the inevitable rhyme with “dopey,” they settled on Otto, and the name stuck. In December 1995, Chancellor Shaw named Otto Syracuse University’s official mascot.

  6. 2012

    Otto unveiled his new and improved costume at the men’s basketball game against West Virginia in January 2012. He now flaunts a brighter peel, blue gloves, and a hat with Syracuse’s block “S.”