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The Pride Inside

Did You Know

A not-so-trivial pursuit.

Want to amaze your friends with your knowledge of Syracuse University? Put these fun facts in your back pocket and pull them out at your next party!

  • The next-to-last line of Syracuse University’s Alma Mater was originally “May thy sons be leal and loyal.” In 1986, it was changed “Loyal be thy sons and daughters” to better reflect SU’s co-educational past.

  • The Latin insignia on SU’s seal translates to “knowledge crowns those who seek her.”

  • Chancellor Kent Syverud assumed the role of SU’s 12th chancellor and president in January 2014.

  • The number 44 can be found in SU’s campus zip code (13244), phone numbers (443-XXXX), and on the jerseys of three football All-Americans (Jim Brown ’57, Ernie Davis ’62, Floyd Little ’67).

  • The legend of the kissing bench says that if two people kiss while sitting on the stone bench, they will eventually marry.

  • Completed in 1873, the Hall of Languages was the first building constructed on campus.

  • SU’s original colors were pink and pea green.

  • James Roscoe Day was SU’s longest-serving Chancellor, holding the post for 29 years (1893-1922).

  • There are more than 245,000 Syracuse University alumni living in 162 countries and territories.

  • In 2009, Syracuse University’s homecoming and reunion event was renamed Orange Central. It remains the one and only event for everyone who “bleeds Orange.”

  • The Crouse Chimes turned 125 years old in June 2014. The 10 bells were the first tower chimes installed in the city of Syracuse.

  • In 1874, SU created the nation’s first bachelor of fine arts degree.

  • In 1873, SU added one of the first architecture programs in the United States.

  • The George Arents Award, Syracuse University’s highest alumni honor, is awarded to alumni who have excelled in their field of endeavor.

  • Syracuse University’s Remembrance Scholarships were established in memory of the 35 students killed in the terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.

  • Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, and former Vice President Hubert Humphrey have all given commencement addresses at SU.

  • South Campus was developed to accommodate veterans who had returned home after World War II and come to Syracuse University on the GI Bill.

  • SU has study abroad centers in Beijing, Florence, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Santiago, and Strasbourg.

  • Syracuse University is home to 12 schools and colleges.

  • While the Hall of Languages was being built, Syracuse University used the upper floors of the Myers Block, a building in downtown Syracuse, as temporary space for the College of Liberal Arts.