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The Pride Inside

Points of Pride

You say you want proof?

We’ve got it! Of the many reasons we have to be proud of Syracuse University—and there are a lot of them—we’ve managed to narrow it down to a list of qualities and accomplishments we feel are particularly noteworthy.

Opening Doors for Women

Women students have always had a place at Syracuse University—even as far back as 1857, when Belva Ann Lockwood graduated from Genesee College, SU’s first campus. Lockwood went on to become a lawyer and the first woman to argue a case before the Supreme Court. Sarah Loguen, the daughter of an escaped slave, graduated from SU’s College of Medicine in 1876, and became one of the first African American women in the U.S. to be certified as a medical doctor.

Throughout the years, many notable women have received Syracuse University degrees, including literacy pioneer Ruth Johnson Colvin, the Reverend Betty Bone Schiess, astronaut Eileen Collins, women’s rights activist Karen DeCrow, and former Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala.

Student Voices Demand to Be Heard

Syracuse University students have given voice to some of society’s most pressing issues. During the turbulent years of the Vietnam War, SU students were vocal in their opposition to the conflict. When four Kent State students were killed by Ohio National Guard troops, SU was among the 400 educational institutions nationwide that students shut down.

The civil rights movement also had an impact on campus. In 1970, a group of African American members of the SU football team called for equal treatment of student-athletes and a more racially diverse coaching staff. When their calls for action were not honored, they made the difficult decision to leave the team. In 2006, the group was recognized with the Syracuse University Chancellor’s Medal.

SU Abroad: A World of Opportunities

At Syracuse University, international education is a tradition dating back to 1919, when SU students first went abroad to Chungking, China. In 1959, the Syracuse in Italy program opened its doors in Florence to students of all majors and every language level. The innovative program worked. Students learned language on site and the program became the model for Syracuse University centers abroad.

Today, SU Abroad consistently ranks among the top international education programs in the nation. It offers unforgettable learning opportunities in more than 30 countries—many of which include field study, internships, home stays, and a wide selection of classes in English.

Let it Snow!

SU students are legendary for their spirit, and Central New York winters provide the perfect showcase for it. There’s plenty of time for fun and games in the snow—downhill and cross-country skiing at area resorts, ice skating in SU’s Tennity Pavilion or downtown in Clinton Square, sledding on the area’s abundant hills, and taking part in the occasional impromptu snowball fight on the Quad.

Yes, it does indeed snow in Syracuse, but while life in other locales comes to a halt after an inch of snow, hardy Central New Yorkers don’t miss a beat when the white stuff accumulates—and it helps to have a muscular fleet of snow-removal equipment, including the world’s largest snowplow, which clears the runways at Syracuse’s Hancock International Airport.

Research Pushes the Envelope

From nanoparticles to black holes, econometrics to urban policy, artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, research at Syracuse University touches nearly every aspect of life on Earth and stretches into the vastness of the universe.

SU physicists collaborate with international consortiums to understand how the universe evolved. Business experts study the behavior of international markets and financial reform. Professors in social work search for ways to influence the behavior that leads to domestic violence. Communications faculty study how mind and media can be coupled to extend human cognition and enhance human performance.

In each of our 12 schools and colleges—and in every field of endeavor—Syracuse University is a place of discovery, creativity, and imagination.

NYC: Education in the Heart of the City

Boasting Syracuse University’s largest alumni base, New York City is alive with Orange spirit. The nearly 46,000 alumni living there open the doors for SU grads in the worlds of entertainment, the arts, finance, information technology, media, journalism, and many more.

The Fisher Center—SU’s academic home in the Big Apple—is the site of many immersive learning experiences for SU students, while events held at the Joseph I. Lubin House enable alumni to stay closely connected to SU and each other. And whenever an SU team takes to the court or field in the metro area, the Big Apple glows Orange. In fact, SU considers Madison Square Garden to be its athletics home away from home!

LA: Entertainment from the Inside

For more than 100 years, Los Angeles has been the unrivaled entertainment capital of the world, and Syracuse University alumni are in some of the entertainment industry’s most pivotal roles. Through their tremendous achievements, SU has gained an international reputation for preparing students to excel in the field.

Adding to that reputation is the SULA center in Sherman Oaks. The center is the hub of the University’s West Coast programs, offering students such immersion experiences as the LA Semester and Sorkin Week, where they learn the workings of the entertainment industry firsthand from leaders in the field.

Vital Support for Veterans

The GI Bill offered a college education to returning World War II veterans, and no university in the country was more closely identified with it than Syracuse. Although still a small university by national standards, SU threw open its doors, enrolling 7,000 veterans in 1946 alone.

Today, SU is home to the Institute for Veterans and Military Families—the first national center in higher education to focus on the social, economic, education and policy issues affecting veterans and their families post-service—as well as a host of programs, including the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities and V-WISE, a program that teaches women veterans how to turn their ideas into growth ventures.